disrupting heaven

by Soulsearcher



It feels so strange
You knew how much I hated change
I had no say
But you knew how much I hate the emptiness

Twas all in vain
Our efforts lost for your own gain
Are you happy now?
Are you glad you left me with such emptiness?

Find me
The reason why you acted so
Disrupting heaven
Let the stars find their place again or find me lost

I need the rain
Let it wash away all unwanted pain
But above the clouds oh its mad up there
And deep inside just emptiness
It feels so strange

You've taken the light away
But I can see you running
And I guess it was wrong
It was me all along
Still I need, an answer so


released January 1, 2000
Vocals - Annemarie Mayo
Keys - Karl Micallef
Lead guitar - Antonio Olivari
Bass- Matthew Aguis
Rhythm+vocals - Claire Cordina



all rights reserved


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